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Going with the flow of Pisces Season

Pisces Constellation, Symbol, and Two fishes swimming in opposite directions

Welcome to the dreamy and intuitive world of Pisces season, and the end of the astrological year! As we transition from the adventurous and independent energy of Aquarius, we dive deep into the compassionate and empathetic waters of Pisces. This water sign, represented by two fish swimming in opposite directions, is known for its emotional sensitivity, creativity, and spiritual nature.

Person sitting holding a colorful oragami ball in front of their face, surrounded by colorful floating oragami balls

During Pisces season, which typically falls between February 19th and March 20th, we are encouraged to tap into our intuition, explore our inner worlds, and connect with our emotions on a deeper level. This is a time for reflection, healing, and finding beauty in the unseen aspects of life. Pisces season invites us to embrace our imagination, indulge in self-care practices, and engage in acts of kindness and compassion towards ourselves and others.

Ethereal shot of a person sitting on the ground, with the galaxy and night sky above them, and a buzzing light zipping through the air around them

From an astrological perspective, Pisces season is a time for deep reflection and spiritual growth. Ruled by Neptune, the planet of dreams and illusions, this period invites us to explore our subconscious mind and connect with our inner selves. It's a great time to focus on meditation, visualization, and creative pursuits that allow us to express our emotions and connect with the divine.

Tarot cards with moons on them

We can often gain insight and guidance by looking at tarot cards that symbolize each zodiac sign. In terms of tarot correlation, the Moon and the Hanged Man are often associated with Pisces energy. The Moon card encourages us to trust our intuition and explore the depths of our subconscious, while the Hanged Man invites us to surrender to the flow of life and embrace a new perspective. These cards remind us to let go of control and allow ourselves to be guided by our inner wisdom during this introspective time.

Various crystals, purple, greens, and clears/whites

A great form of self-care can be found in working with crystals for balance and healing. Crystals that are particularly beneficial during Pisces season include amethyst, aquamarine, and moonstone. Amethyst enhances spiritual awareness and intuition, aquamarine promotes emotional healing and clarity, and moonstone encourages inner growth and new beginnings. By incorporating these crystals into your daily routine through meditation, wearing them as jewelry, or placing them in your living space, you can enhance your connection to the Piscean energy and support your emotional well-being during this season of introspection.

shadow of a person in front of a giant rainbow sky filled with the galaxy and stars

As we navigate the ethereal energies of Pisces season, it is important to trust our instincts, listen to our inner voice, and honor our emotions. This is a time to let go of control, surrender to the flow of life, and allow ourselves to dream big. Whether you are a fellow Pisces or simply basking in the magic of this season, remember to embrace your sensitivity, nurture your soul, and let your creativity soar. Let the gentle waves of Pisces season wash over you and guide you towards greater self-awareness and spiritual growth.

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